Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I can't believe I made a blunder in my very first post! I wasn't crazy with the version of Switches that I put up in my last post, and David Burpee very kindly did some edits and sent me a version. Something sparked when I saw his version and I realized I'd uploaded the wrong version of the shot! This is the version that is up at Tamarack currently:

As you can tell, my earlier concerns have been remedied somewhat. The color balance is much better and the cropping on the right helps balance out the picture. I think, though, that I cropped it too closely on the sides so it feels claustrophobic for me, but it's a much better version than the earlier one I'd uploaded. Well, two posts, one mistake already. Hey, it's a process. Take care.



Jacob said...

Wow, that is quite a difference. Color balancing is a black art in photoshop. I'm working on my eye for color, and it's amazing how your brain tricks you into thinking certain colors are white, or black, when in fact they aren't.

Anonymous said...

the tightness on the crop does not bother me on this shot. It reminds me of sperm seen through a microscope, and they would always extend to the edges of the frame...